JobAdder + Enboarder

Enboarder is a tool that is designed to make the onboarding experience engaging and as seamless as possible

Enboarder makes onboarding new employees an engaging experience, rather than just a one-off transaction.

By bringing together all of the tasks involved with onboarding new hires, Enboarder helps businesses put people before paperwork and invest in their manager-employee relationships before day one.

Enboarder also helps businesses share consistent messaging and convey their company culture.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Sign Up
    Sign up for an Enboarder account.
  2. Connect
    Go to Settings > Marketplace > Other Applications and select JobAdder.
    Choose your instance of JobAdder and enter your JobAdder username and password.
  3. BAM
    Your placements will now flow through to Enboarder and begin the onboarding workflow.

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