JobAdder + FluentIQ

FluentIQ will tell you straight away which applicants have sufficient English communication skills for the role you are seeking to fill.

FluentIQ empowers you to recruit only the best communicators from the widest possible talent pool.

FluentIQ is an English Communication assessment for the 21st Century. Using FluentIQ, you can quickly and cost-efficiently screen for the English communication ability required for a role.

Why you need FluentIQ?

  • Right now, from thousands of candidates, you have no way of knowing who has sufficient English communication skills for the jobs you are trying to fill.
  • Manual, highly inefficient, and subjective processes to determine this are wasting your time, limiting your talent pool, and costing you money.
  • FluentIQ will help you filter your candidates right at the start so that you ONLY spend time looking at those who have the ability to communicate effectively for the role.

FluentIQ gives modern recruiter’s a distinct competitive advantage. With FluentIQ, you can pre-screen faster, recruit from a much larger talent pool, and build diverse teams.

Start using FluentIQ Test Center to improve the recruitment outcomes in your business.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

Get Started

Create a FluentIQ Enterprise account if you don’t have one here and contact JobAdder to ready your account for the integration.


Link your FluentIQ Enterprise account to your JobAdder account.


You are ready to go,  change any job application status to ‘Send FluentIQ Invite’ for 15mins and an invite will be emailed to that candidate.

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