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JobAdder + HelloSign

HelloSign is a powerful business tool that increases efficiency by allowing all signatures to be completed electronically.

HelloSign reduces the double-handling and time lag associated with processing paperwork by enabling electronic signatures on documents.

Signatures completed with HelloSign are fast, secure and legally binding, and can be incorporated into all business divisions. Signatures can be requested from up to 20 different people on the same document and once complete, a copy of the document is emailed to each participant.

Recruiters can use HelloSign to gather signatures from candidates and clients faster on such things as job applications, contracts, candidate profile forms and onboarding documents.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    Log in to JobAdder. Admin users can enable HelloSign via the Apps & Add Ons section of JobAdder Admin.

  2. Connect

    Once HelloSign is enabled, create a template.

  3. BAM

    Away you go! Start sending documents for signature right from the Placement record.

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