Category: Digital Signing

JobAdder + Secured Signing

Add digital signing and move to a paper-free recruitment process, that is digital, intuitive, secure and with a two-way dataflow.

With just a few clicks in JobAdder, you can send contracts, terms of business, onboarding forms, quotes, compliance forms, and other documents to clients & candidates to fill-in and sign on any device, offering a completely digital experience.

Secured Signing offers digital signing software that is integrated right into JobAdder, meaning you and your recruiters can access signing capability to:

  1. Send documents to clients and candidates with just a few clicks.
  2. Convert existing paper forms into digital templates.
  3. Pre-fill documents from JobAdder records.
  4. Pull information from forms and documents back into JobAdder records (No more double data entry!)
  5. A signed document saved in JobAdder appropriate records, candidate, client contact, company, placement or job.