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KONSIGN – the dynamic eSignature tool designed for the modern recruitment process. Seamlessly integrate eSignatures into your recruitment workflow, ensuring efficiency and legal compliance at every step.

Step into the future of document signing with KONSIGN, the premier eSignature solution that transforms recruitment processes. KONSIGN replaces the conventional pen-and-paper method with a swift, secure, and legally sound digital alternative. The advanced SaaS tool is designed to streamline workflows, ensuring that every eSignature handled is as legally binding as a traditional signature, yet far more efficient.

KONSIGN offers a simple, cost-effective approach to managing eSignatures, revolutionising document handling experiences. Our user-friendly interface allows for creating, sending, and tracking signed documents within seconds. This empowers recruiters and HR professionals to concentrate on their primary roles – finding and hiring top talent – while the technicalities of document management and signing processes are efficiently managed.

Choosing KONSIGN means more than just adopting a tool; it’s an upgrade to a smarter, automated workflow that meets the modern demands of business efficiency and sustainability.

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