Candidate Sourcing

JobAdder + SEEK Talent Search

SEEK Talent Search and SEEK Premium Talent Search allow recruiters to search SEEK's diverse candidate database.

Receiving over 375 million visits every month, SEEK is a diverse and influential employment marketplace.

Recruiters can use SEEK Talent Search to run searches on live job ads in JobAdder. A SEEK Talent Search will produce candidates who are a close match to the job ad, with resumes that have similar keywords to those in the ad.

SEEK Premium Talent Search is an upgraded version of SEEK Talent Search that grants recruiters access to advanced candidate searching functionality. SEEK Premium has a second search bar that is used to perform more extensive searches of SEEK’s entire database, using advanced sort and filter features.

SEEK Premium also allows recruiters to purchase any candidate’s resume and download it directly into a job in JobAdder.

Recruiters using SEEK Premium do not need to have a live job ad in SEEK in order to run searches in SEEK.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

Sign Up
Register with SEEK and purchase Premium Talent Search.

SEEK will contact JobAdder to have Premium Talent Search enabled on your account.

Start searching SEEK’s extensive database of candidates, purchase resumes and have them sent right back into JobAdder.


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