JobAdder + VideoMyJob

Designed to make branded video job ads using a smartphone, VideoMyJob enables users to record a video job ad, edit and then share the videos in just minutes. It is transforming the way recruiters connect, engage and attract job seekers.

Through VideoMyJob’s app, recruiters can create and publish a video alongside their job ads in JobAdder. VideoMyJob enables users to create high-quality videos anywhere, whilst using their own unique, branded template. The professional look of the videos and rich content contained within the job ads promotes a memorable and insightful interaction between the recruiter and the candidate.

The addition of video functionality to the job advertising platform gives recruiters a competitive edge and allows them to better engage top talent.

VideoMyJob helps recruiters bring jobs to life.

  1. Sign up for a VideoMyJob account and go to Settings>Select ATS to select JobAdder.

  2. Once your VMJ account is running, record a personalised video to accompany your job ad – don’t be afraid to make it fun!

  3. Once your video is created, tap Select Platforms>Enable JobAdder from the list of platforms.

  4. When your video has been processed, click ‘Post to Platforms’ and log into your JobAdder account. Select a job order to attach the video to or create a new job.
  5. Your personalised video job ad can now be found in the job order quickview video tab where you can share the video, or use the URL to attach it to job boards that accept video URLs.

Additional Services

VideoMyJob can provide users with hardware kits, online and in-person training to ensure they are set up and equipped to make the best video job ads possible.

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