Category: Reference Checks

JobAdder + Xref

Xref brings ease, value and security to the reference checking process. The automated tool delivers data-driven candidate insights, allowing organisations to make fast, smart and confident hiring decisions.

Traditional reference checking approaches are time-consuming, offer minimal insight and are fraught with risk. Xref delivers an unparalleled candidate experience and timely reference responses.

The online, mobile-friendly reference checking tool produces fast, data-driven insights, and turns a manual, inconsistent task into a valuable stage of the recruitment journey.

From within JobAdder, you can send Xref reference requests within 30 seconds in just a few clicks.

Xref does the follow-ups for you by sending out the initial request and reminders to your referee. If they fail to open it within a certain time frame, you will be notified and can reach out to an alternative contact for your candidate.