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How first responders could address your candidate sourcing challenges

With the recent candidate shortage challenges across Australia and New Zealand, recruiters are forced to get creative in their sourcing strategies and look beyond the resume to unearth the best talent.

There is a key market recruiters might be overlooking.

Access our free eBook with Beyond the Badge – a professional development program for the first responder community who are seeking alternative employment opportunities.

Created in collaboration with Sean Haran and Simon Bradstock, the co-founders and directors of Beyond the Badge, this eBook focuses on how recruitment agencies can solve their candidate sourcing challenges by utilising the transferable skills of first responders. In the eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • The transferable skills of first responders
  • The roadblocks they typically face
  • How recruiters can go beyond the simple resume scan


Martin Herbst

CEO, JobAdder

Sean Haran

Co-Founder & Director, Beyond the Badge

Simon Bradstock

Co-Founder & Director, Beyond the Badge