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How to increase profitability with a winning brand

Nearly 8,500 new recruitment agencies were established last year, so it’s fair to say that standing out from the crowd requires some work.

Join CEO of Hoxo Media, Sean Anderson, Redholt Managing Partner, Chris Redmond and Founder of Elemed, Elena Kyria as they walk you through what it takes to build a profitable brand that weathers storms and fends off competitors, including:

  • The connection between a strong brand and increased profitability 
  • Using customer research to define your brand in the marketplace 
  • Why branding is a business-wide responsibility
  • How to measure the ROI of your brand and what metrics to focus on
  • How to build a brand that turns clients into advocates 
  • The biggest mistakes being made when trying to build a brand
  • What to consider when building a brand strategy 

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Sean Anderson

CEO, Hoxo Media

Chris Redmond

Managing Director, Redholt

Elena Kyria

Founder, Elemed