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G2 awards JobAdder a whopping 29 badges over FY2021-2022

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

We’re so happy to announce that JobAdder has been awarded 29 G2 badges from July 2021 to June 2022. 

The badges cover a range of areas from easiest admin to highest user adoption, easiest to do business with, high performance, momentum and a whole lot more. 

To give you some more context on how these badges are awarded, here’s a little summary of what these badges mean:

  • Easiest Admin Mid-Market: This is the Easiest Admin product in G2’s Usability Index, so we earned the highest Ease of Admin rating in our category
  • Highest User Adoption Mid-Market: The Highest User Adoption badge in G2’s Implementation Index means we earned the highest User Adoption rating in our category
  • Momentum Leader: G2 states that “products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users”
  • Easiest To Do Business With Mid-Market: This badge means we earned the highest Ease of Doing Business With rating in our category
  • Leader: This means we’re rated highly by G2 users and have substantial satisfaction and market presence scores

It’s amazing to get this recognition from G2, which reflects the amazing reviews and feedback we’ve received from customers on this platform.

Just to toot our own horn a bit more, we thought we’d share some lovely G2 reviews from our customers. 

What do you like best about JobAdder?

“We have been using JobAdder for nearly eight years now, and apart from providing us with a database that helps our business with efficiency and storing our data securely, they are always one step ahead of the game in regards to technology.”

“I love how flexible JobAdder is, providing me with a great experience across all platforms, including mobile, tablets and web browsers, allowing me to get work done everywhere I go.”

“Very user friendly, easy to navigate and relatively customisable. I like the integrated training JobAdder provides – great for onboarding new internal staff. We have used another ATS for our business but it was terrible and we quickly returned to JobAdder.”

“Being able to place ads across multiple job boards seamlessly. Having all recruitment information centrally located. Easy pipeline movement through open roles with candidates. Responsive technical support from Jobadder if there are any questions.”

“I love the JobAdder team. They are always quick to respond to any emails or queries I have, they are very helpful and always go above and beyond to fix any issues or offer advice on how to do new things. If it’s a feature or report I want to be run that isn’t possible they are helpful to provide other ways I could do it, including making short videos to help, and are always very friendly. They’re a pleasure to work with.”

What problems is JobAdder solving and how is that benefiting you?

“Storing our data clearly and being able to find information easily. We have a huge database which could easily get neglected if you could not find the information easily. They have powerful search functions which makes a recruiter’s job much easier. More time for our recruiters to connect with people!”

“JobAdder has helped solve the recruitment CRM problem entirely, and I’m now not looking for any new software as it has all the features I need. It offers feature-packed software with intuitive and scalable design.”

“Managing candidates pools, applications, sourcing candidates and pushing them through the recruitment processes easily. When used correctly, it improves our efficiency and enables us to perform at our best.”

“They help us keep an efficient database, manage all job applications, provide robust data for reporting and use this to make business decisions.”

Want to share the JobAdder joy?

If you’re a current customer and think JobAdder would be a good fit for someone you know who needs a new ATS or CRM, then you’re in luck! 

We’ve recently launched our customer referral program, where JobAdder customers can earn up to $250 in vouchers. Find out more here!

If you’re new to JobAdder and want to learn more, you can book a no-obligation discovery call now.

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