Integration spotlight: video job board goldi

Bianca Compagnoni
4 Feb
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Integration spotlight: video job board goldi

Want to reduce the time you take to make placements?

Enter goldi, a job board that uses video to connect candidates and recruiters. 

Recruiters can record job descriptions of open roles and who they’re looking for. Job seekers can respond by talking about their experience and interest in the role by uploading their own video. 

Read on to learn more from goldi’s founders TC Meggs and Melanie Andersen.

goldi is a content discovery platform primarily about jobs and recruiters, where JobAdder users can find value through this intuitive system.

We speed the beginning of the interview process which helps recruiters make more placements. Recruiters create video job posts describing the role that can be used for marketing, social media sharing, and headhunting. Candidates apply not only with their CV but also with a 1-2 minute video. This means recruiters not only receive candidates that are more qualified and engaged, but they also select candidates that would be skipped by a resume review alone.

goldi’s video job descriptions have a high success rate of engaging with passive candidates for specialised and/or in-demand roles. goldi connects job seekers and companies more efficiently than ever before, by allowing both parties to get a true sense of each other before the beginning of the interview process.

We launched in the US with a focus on corporates. However, it quickly became apparent that the user base who has the most to gain from goldi are recruitment agency recruiters. As they spend so much of their day interviewing, for them, time really is money.

goldi was designed to speed up the beginning of the interview process. Think of it like this. When recruiting high-volume roles, you would essentially be receiving a large number of applicants. How long would it take for you to screen each candidate? Wouldn’t you agree that watching a 1-2 minute video application would save a lot of your valuable time?

Not only does it save you time, but we believe that in some cases such as sales and account management, it’s not until you meet the person that you get a sense of whether they would be the right fit or not, as soft skills are not apparent from a CV. Viewing a 1-2 minute video application solves this problem.

The same goes for tech-related roles where increasingly communication skills are becoming more important. For example,

we’ve had success with data scientist roles, where it’s important for candidates to be able to communicate technical issues to non-technical people.

Traditionally with developer roles, it’s common to do code tests before interviews are completed. We reverse that process because when candidates apply on goldi, you receive a CV and ‘first interview’ bundled together at the time of application.

Something that wasn’t originally considered was with the importance of workforce diversity. Bias is removed during hiring as the applicant is able to directly pitch why they’re appropriate for the placement.

JobAdder users can really innovate their hiring process by using what we like to call ‘Job Marketing.’ We have made it so easy to add a video to job posts. Our biggest piece of advice is that recruiters shouldn’t overthink creating the videos – just do it!

If content is King, then content marketing is Queen. Job seekers love viewing video job posts as this is content they can’t find anywhere else. For recruiters working on volume roles, save time by screening with video applications. And for those who predominantly headhunt, you can create and distribute one video post that engages passive candidates for specialised and/or in-demand roles.

Our KPI’s are people posting a job, and candidates applying for a job. But what truly makes us happy is when our clients first start receiving video applications and wonder how they’ve made it this far without them.

We felt the same way when we first started receiving the video applications for our own roles at goldi; they’re so great to watch.

While recruiters can bring their own content, the magic of video on goldi is that both sides (job seekers and job posters) are authentic and real. It’s not supposed to be the most perfect version of who you are. It’s real content, bringing people and jobs to life. Videos are created from our platform in minutes and can be retaken at any time. People are using video in all areas of their life these days, it makes sense to add them to jobs.

Well, we are just launching now in Australia, so expect to be seeing a lot more of us.

Our message at launch focuses on our video job posts and applications. However, we will be emphasising the recruiter video profiles more in the future which recruiters can use for personal branding and to attract new clients and candidates.

Note: there are no subscriptions or company contracts required to start posting jobs on goldi.

If you’re a JobAdder user and would like to find out more about integrating goldi, visit our job boards page.

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