Recruiting Lessons from Fantasy Football

Brett Iredale
1 Oct
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Are you ready for some football? The JobAdder U.S. office has gotten into the spirit of Football season with an office wide Fantasy Football league. For many some at our office its the first league they’ve participated in and some are pros.

For me? I’m a newbie, but a football fan at heart. And since we’re at JobAdder — and we have a mission to simplify the recruitment process — I taken a few lessons from Fantasy Football into recruiting.

So here it goes, my top list of lessons any recruiting professional can take from joining a Fantasy Football league.

1) Do your research: How much do you really know about a position? What’s important? A quarterback is the core of any football team, but unless you look at the elements a true quarterback needs you can’t truly recruit the right person for your team. Similarly, when recruiting, if you don’t take the time to understand the ins and out of a position you could spend hours and hours flipping through stacks of candidates without knowing the definition of a “good candidate”

2) Culture isn’t everything, but it certainly helps: When it came to picking players I opted for players on the team I enjoyed watching. As a Seahawks and Broncos fan I chose players on those teams that not only played well, but, knew I would love watching it. I may not be the winner in the end, but it will be much more enjoyable that picking random players based on stats. Compare this to recruiting. If we all recruiting candidates that looked good on paper, we would develop a culture of boring and potentially negative work environments.

3) Don’t give up on a player right away: The NFL sees it’s fair share of injuries and violations when it comes to players. Looking at my Fantasy Football roster its easy to look at Roddy White’s recent hamstring injury as an excuse to drop him. When in the middle of a candidate search, it’s easy to overlook candidates with short stints at a job or long periods of gaps in their work history. Take a look back at a candidate’s record and ask yourself if there’s a reason for a short stint of long job gap.

4) Know someone before you offer a trade: We’ve seen our share of good and bad trades in our fantasy league. 90% have been successful, but some weren’t so successful. Partly because some people failed to read what that player would do for someone in the long run. Just like when submitting candidates, each candidate you submit is an opportunity to present your best recruitment strategies to your client. Taking the time to phrase a submission email the right way or think long term about that candidate will help you with a client and your success in the long run.

5) Stay organized! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost track of my what’s happening in Fantasy Football. But using the tools that the NFL mobile apps offers, I’m able to check standings and more on-the-go. JobAdder offers recruiters the same functionality so you can keep your recruiting toolbelt close to you at all times.

What recruiting lessons have you taken from your fantasy league? Comment below and share with us!

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