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Top 5 Tips On Social Media Recruiting From The Experts

Stuart Read
2 Aug
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Digital Academy kicked off their highly-anticipated ‘Amplify Your Social Media Recruitment Strategy’ event with a quote that summed it up perfectly, “everything has changed, but nothing is different.”

Five pre-eminent speakers from a cross-section of industries shared their challenges, successes and advice about disrupting traditional recruitment methods and best practice tips for social media recruiting.

Shahid Wazed, Team Lead at City of Edmonton | @ShahidWazed

Social recruiting expert Shahid flew all the way from Canada to join Digital Academy’s event and to lend his knowledge on recruiting through Facebook.

As Facebook continues to dominate all other social media platforms in terms of usage and engagement, recruiters and hiring managers must leverage this popularity to implant their brand into the mind of passive candidates. In doing so, they can ensure that their company is front of mind for current and future vacancies with high calibre candidates.

Also, with the right mix of original and well-curated content, companies can earn free publicity through Facebook. Shahid calculates that when done successfully, candidates attracted to vacancies through social media can save businesses up to $15K per hard-to-fill position. This insight substantiates the fact that when it comes to advertising for job vacancies, the popularity of social media surpasses that of traditional job boards for certain roles, as it can result in a noticeably higher rate of engagement from candidates.

Favourite tip from Shahid:

As a recruiter committed to continuous improvement, mindset is more important than strategy and tactics.


Katy Harris, Talent Acquisition Manager at The Iconic | @KatyTHEICONIC

Previously employed by large-scale enterprises in the UK, joining The Iconic in Australia was a new challenge for Katy. Part of that challenge has been changing the perception of The Iconic as simply a fashion company.

Katy explored the components of Push vs Pull Marketing, pointing out that the right balance of both – with a particular emphasis on Pull Marketing such as social media – can influence brand perception and attract the right talent.

Favourite tip from Katy:

Be conscious of time as it can be a huge asset. Katy’s example of replacing a traditional sales call with a dynamic video is a great example of a tech-savvy, time-saving solution.


Tim Hill, CEO & Co-Founder of Social Status | @timhill22

Recognising a disconnect between the need for accurate analytics and the commonplace habit of using numbers arbitrarily that are unsubstantiated by fact, Tim struck out 3 years ago to co-found social media analytics company Social Status.

Tim encourages recruitment professionals to assess what it is that their stakeholders care most about and what kind of results they want in order to meet these needs. When it comes to content and social media, this may be a higher rate of views or shares, unique site visits or new business leads. The outcome of this assessment will help businesses decide what their optimal investment is in paid, owned or earned marketing.

Favourite tip from Tim:

You can’t improve on what you don’t measure, and analytics are the best metric of success.


JobAdder PwC
Jessica Tucci from PwC

Jessica Tucci, National Employer Brand Lead at PwC | @jessicatucci

For Jessica, being faced with the challenge of recruiting 10,000 new graduates gave her insight into recruiting for the millennial generation. The solution to this challenge came in the form of PwC’s ‘Do The Extraordinary’ campaign, which was heavily hinged upon social media (and even featured a selfie competition).

As Jessica pointed out, millennials have different expectations of work, so different recruiting strategies must be employed to appeal to them. Social media is also an excellent platform through which companies can voice their values, such as PwC’s inclusive stance on LGBT issues.

Favourite tip from Jessica:

Advertising for roles via social media takes the effort out of searching and applying for jobs.


Sam Shoolman, ANZ Sales Manager at HubSpot | @samshoolman

As the head of Sales at HubSpot, Sam knows a thing or two about optimising talent acquisition strategies through social media. Sam observed that the advent of the internet (and the prevalence of social media) has resulted in a shift of power from the seller to the buyer, empowering them with more choice and options than ever. The same is true of candidates.

The challenge for companies – to attract candidates before they’re even looking for a job – can be solved by fostering a great company culture and promoting it to passive candidates as a unique EVP through inbound marketing. This has the added advantage of reducing the instance of candidates who don’t share those company values applying for a job.

Favourite tip from Sam:

Culture is to recruiting what product management is to marketing.


JobAdder Social Status
Myself, Tim Hill from Social Status and Sarah, JobAdder’s Marketing Manager.

A big thank you to Max, Andrew and the rest of the team at Digital Academy for putting on such a successful event! Digital Academy is a social recruitment consultancy business dedicated to optimising social media for recruitment.

What social media recruitment strategies does your company use?

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