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How to increase the effectiveness of in-house talent acquisition teams

We all know the world of work is changing, and talent acquisition professionals play a pivotal role in finding and hiring people who can meet the challenges of a future characterised by unpredictable and dynamic change.

Our eBook, created in collaboration with talent acquisition thought leader Hung Lee, explores how in-house talent acquisition teams can rethink their strategies, leverage data and radically improve process efficiency.

We’ll also delve into how in-house teams can build more equitable and strategic relationships with suppliers, stakeholders, colleagues and – most of all – candidates.

As the editor of the leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, Hung Lee is a talent acquisition professional with over 15 years of experience across agency recruitment, recruitment
management, internal talent management and industry thought leadership.

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  • Diversifying the roles in talent acquisition
  • Investing in upskilling
  • Improving forecasting with workforce planning
  • Resetting relationships with hiring managers
  • Shifting to real-time reporting
  • Investing in talent intelligence