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PromptRecruit: Revolutionizing recruitment with Generative AI-driven efficiency and insight

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Introducing PromptRecruit: A game-changer for hiring processes. Utilise AI to summarise resumes, craft job ads, prepare interviews, review candidates and derive meaningful insights from data. Get started for free.

The revolutionary recruitment tool that works smarter, so you don’t have to work harder. This game-changing application integrates seamlessly into your JobAdder system, providing AI-powered solutions that automate and simplify your hiring processes.

Our intelligent AI instantly distils resumes down to the most crucial information, creating concise candidate summaries. It also generates compelling job advertisements to attract top-tier talent and devises insightful interview questions specific to each role and candidate.

But the power of PromptRecruit doesn’t stop there. The integrated system tirelessly reviews and evaluates candidate data behind the scenes, providing you with meaningful, actionable insights that guide your hiring decisions.

A unique feature of PromptRecruit is its integration of a ChatGPT plugin, which allows for intuitive conversations with your JobAdder system. This feature simplifies data interaction, making the hiring process not only efficient, but also user-friendly.

Upgrade your hiring process with PromptRecruit. Begin your free trial today and experience the transformative power of AI in recruitment.

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