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Roi-AI is a fully integrated automation and multi-channel communication tool

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Roi-AI is an automation and multi-channel communication tool, that is fully integrated to enable JobAdder customers to generate more from your database.

Working at scale, Roi-AI automatically maintains the integrity of your JobAdder database by ensuring information is kept current and providing live candidate activity insights, making it faster, easier and more cost-efficient to find candidates, shortlist and fill roles.

It does this by pairing trigger-based automation which fires based on specific JobAdder data, data changes or candidate activity, with chatbots, surveys, text messages and fully branded email campaigns, all in one platform.

Add to this, the most in-depth JobAdder integration that allows candidate and contact data to flow seamlessly between both platforms, instant data sync, a Chrome extension for activity alerts, an extensive library of over 30 pre-built templates and an email builder with 500,000+ free images, and your opportunity to take advantage of automation is limitless.

JobAdder is the exclusive reseller of Roi-AI. To see how Roi-AI automates key activities in JobAdder please click the button below to request a demo.

On the fence about automation?

Quickly get a snapshot of how much time your business could be saving and how many additional placements your team could be making through automation.

Automation ROI Calculator

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Total Time Saved

Your team would save 0 days a year through automated processes.

Total Placements from Marketing Automation

In a year your business would make an extra 0 placements by running simple monthly client and candidate marketing automations.

Total Placements from Data Hygiene Automation

Over 12 months you could make an extra 0 placements by using automations that automatically update your existing data.

Return on investment is calculated based on the results of Roi-AI & JobAdder customers that have core Customer Care automations enabled, initiate regular Data Hygiene automation and send monthly marketing automation campaigns to their database.

Keen to see the automations that successful Roi-AI customers are utilising? Download our latest guide.

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