JobAdder + Roi-AI

Roi-AI is a fully integrated automation and multi-channel communication tool

Roi-AI is a fully integrated automation and multi-channel communication tool built specifically to enable JobAdder customers to generate more revenue from their database.

Working at scale, Roi-AI automatically maintains the integrity of the data in your JobAdder account, by ensuring information is kept current and providing live candidate/client activity insights, making it faster, easier and more cost-efficient to find candidates, shortlist and fill roles.

It does this by pairing trigger-based automation which fire based on specific JobAdder data, data changes or candidate/client activity, with chatbots, surveys, text messages, WhatsApps and fully branded email campaigns, all in one platform.

Add to this one of the most in-depth JobAdder integrations that allows candidate and client data to flow seamlessly between both platforms, one-click data sync, a Chrome extension for instant activity alerts, an extensive library of over 30 pre-built templates and your opportunity to take advantage of automation is limitless.

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