Applicant management

Find and attract top talent with JobAdder ATS software

The best Applicant Tracking System for a faster, more rewarding hiring process.

applicant management
Talent acquisition platform

Expand your search to find the best candidates for the job

Candidate sourcing is easier than ever with JobAdder’s comprehensive talent acquisition software. Automatically post to 200+ job boards all around the world, and utilise our social media integrations to make LinkedIn and SEEK a breeze.

AI and skill matching

Optimise your candidate database to find your best hidden talent in no time

When you’re looking to fill a role fast, it pays to start with the talent you already know. Our artificial intelligence and skill matching functionalities help you shortlist qualified candidates in your talent pool, so you can match your best talent to current job openings in a flash. 

Task automation

A better experience for hiring managers – and candidates too

Streamline your most time-consuming projects so you can focus on the best parts of your job. Automate repetitive tasks like job posting, interview scheduling, background checks, and onboarding new hires for a faster, smoother application process. Plus, improve your candidate experience with a shorter, more efficient hiring lifecycle.

Talent management

Keep top applicants on the hook

Make the most of your recruitment CRM to keep your best candidates engaged throughout the entire hiring process, effortlessly. Send automated messages, schedule interviews, store notes and more.

Note templates and smart forms

Capture the data you want, the way you want it

Create and store all your recruitment documents in one place. Gather the data you want from candidates, sign documents in a flash and fast track your candidate assessment with Note Templates and Custom Application Forms

Hiring Manager Portal for in-house teams

Hire as a team

Invite your hiring managers to a secure, centralised portal where they can browse open positions, post jobs, brief requisitions, review candidate profiles, schedule interviews and send feedback about top candidates in real-time.

Client Portal for agencies

Make your clients feel special

Add a premium touch by creating a branded client portal where you can work hand-in-hand with your clients. Review briefs, share candidate profiles, see key metrics, discuss best applicants and more.

Custom workflows

Create multiple job workflows

Enjoy the flexibility of custom workflows. Create systems for permanent, contract or temporary workers to fit your specific industry requirements. Plus, organise your dashboard by favourites and easily search emails and messages in a central location.

Resume formatting

Save time reviewing candidate resumes

JobAdder extracts critical candidate information from each job application and formats it into customizable templates, making for a much more streamlined resume parsing and formatting process for your hiring and recruiting team. 

Secure signing

Get important documents signed with ease

Stay compliant with two of the world’s leading e-signature solutions, HelloSign or DocuSign.

What our clients have to say…

30th Dec
Bolt Talent Solutions

Looking towards the future As a global recruitment and HR advisory company with a distributed workforce across Mauritius, South Africa …

That’s the value of your recruitment business; it’s based on the quality of the people you have, and being able to quantify this, which starts and ends in your applicant tracking system. That’s why I chose JobAdder.

Vanessa Flynn
Founder and CEO
West Recruitment
26th Jul
West Recruitment

West Recruitment is a specialist boutique provider that has successfully assisted candidates and hiring managers across Sydney to navigate the …

We use the database as our source of truth. The ability to search and accurately sift through that data at the pace we can is definitely a contributing factor to help us speed up our process.

Benjamin Boulos
General Manager
30th Dec
Citrus Group

A single focus As a specialist in volume-based recruitment, Citrus Group has a unique approach when it comes to dealing …

JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us. We’re able to consult with our clients based on that data.

Mary Blake
General Manager at Citrus Group
Mary Blake
Citrus Group

This is one of the most perfect platforms for those that are in recruitment, who really want to be able to give dedicated experiences to their clients.

Mary Blake
Citrus Group

JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us.

Mary Blake
Citrus Group

This is one of the most perfect platforms for those that are in recruitment, who really want to be able to give dedicated experiences to their clients.

Lindsey Morgan
People Intelligence

The mobile app is very useful and easy to use and we’ve been part of the feedback forum for the app which we’ve appreciated.

Rhys Jones
Davidson Gray

What we do now with new partners is we try and actively push JobAdder every time. We’ve had [three other systems] and each one has had issues. Whereas with JobAdder, we’ve never had anybody complain about it. That’s music to our ears.

Rhys Jones
Davidson Gray

JobAdder is a big part of that as it’s about making the business highly profitable and as strong as possible. It’s about creating the ultimate recruiting environment and all the tools that JobAdder’s got can add massive value.

Rhys Jones
Davidson Gray

That’s one thing about JobAdder. I know it saves a lot of time and is very user-friendly; everything is in the right place.

Craig Bagshaw
3X Partners

It’s brilliant because the rate at which JobAdder innovate and provide new releases is fantastic. It’s almost the reverse of a normal software company where the users are constantly saying “what about this? What about that?”

Craig Bagshaw
3X Partners

I think the integrations are really problem solving at scale. You can do so much more with less effort and less people. It’s really allowed us to raise the transparency for all parties in the hiring process.

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