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From recruiter to founder: The mindset shift you need as a recruitment agency owner

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
recruitment agency owner

Our mindsets affect every part of our lives. How we view ourselves, others, and the world around us. If your headspace isn’t good, it could impact your work and how you grow your agency.

You may have been in the recruiting business for some time, or perhaps you were working in marketing and saw an opportunity to start your own recruitment agency and become your own boss. 

Most of us have always worked for someone and been held to their deadlines and schedule. Being your own boss seems like a great option, especially with the wealth of connections and information the internet and social media bring us. While there is freedom, there is also a boatload of responsibility. 

You may be just starting out in the business and trying to weigh your career options as you move forward, testing the waters and wanting to see what the recruitment business might have to offer you. 

Whatever stage you’re at, this blog will help you consider the aspects you need to start strong and build up a successful business as a recruitment agency owner. 

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Find your mindset

Starting your own business in any capacity is like forging through a jungle. You’ve got to hack away at a lot of vines and thorns as you make your own path through unknown terrain.

Stay positive, and be gentle with yourself as you learn to set your own goals and boundaries. You are retraining yourself to be the boss; you are both boss and employee now. You can make your own rules and discover what works best for you.

Nobody will tell you when to show up or what to do; you have to figure these out for yourself and maintain a hustle to build momentum for your new business. 

It might not happen for a while, but consistent effort and passion will push you in the right direction. Keep your mindset focused on your goals and understand success doesn’t blossom overnight. 

Invest in technology

Don’t be afraid to spend money on programs that help you analyze data, improve efficiencies and connect to talented people. 

The right tools and technology will allow you to focus on growing your business and leading your agency, rather than manual processes and paperwork.  

Examine the return on investment (ROI) of your technology and take the time to build a strong business case for any tools you want to adopt. 

This will allow you to see the clear ROI and time and money savings that technology provides to your agency, and how it can help power your growth. 

Find your niche

We all want to have many talents and find as broad of an audience as possible. To throw as big of a net as we can to catch the most fish. The more, the better, right? 

In short, not when it comes to recruiting talent and finding clients. 

You want to find what you’re passionate about, what you understand and an area where you can guide people. 

Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for where there might be gaps in the market. Adapt your business model once you’ve identified the right opportunities for you. 

Find a need and meet that need with a passionate, professional attitude. Once you find your niche in the market, look for quality recruiters who share your passion for this area. 

Find your people

Find talented people who know their niche as well as you do. This will build your team up and allow your agency’s reputation to grow. 

You and your recruiters are both in the same boat. Work alongside them and listen to their concerns and input; they may have ideas to keep your strategies fresh and relevant to the market.

Additionally, a happy team will provide quality support, which leads to satisfied clients who will recommend your agency to others.

Human connection drives the world forward. Strong, nurtured relationships between people will keep clients coming back, and your staff will love working alongside you. 

Develop a plan

Striking out on your own can be stressful. To give yourself time to gain your footing, try to have at least six months of savings to cover any growing pains that might crop up. 

Determine what key milestones you want to hit in those six months and develop a plan to hit those goals. 

Being your own boss and an agency owner means that your success is up to you, which can be freeing and frightening in equal measure. 

By implementing clear plans for your agency and incorporating forward planning into your new founder mindset, you can ensure that your agency will flourish. 

Final thoughts

Changing your mindset is a slow and steady process; it’s done brick by brick until you can see the real change you’ve made in yourself and in your life. 

Don’t be hard on yourself as you make these significant changes in your professional life. Stay humble, driven and focused on your goals. 

Here at JobAdder, we’re rooting for you! Our team is committed to providing the data and insights recruiters need to grow in 2021.

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