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How recruiters can fill more roles in a tight talent market

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
fill more roles

Looking to fill more roles in a market dominated by candidate shortages and job growth? 

Recruiters are struggling with a range of market challenges from changing candidate behaviour to competitive counter offers, unprecedented job demand and falling applications per job.

Our recent 2022 global recruitment industry report found that job growth was still steadily rising, after numerous quarters of strong job growth. Our agency users were hitting an average of 65.86 new jobs in Q2 in the Australian market (compared to 56.47 jobs in the New Zealand market).

This was placed in stark contrast to the continual fall of applications per job, with a global average of 14.80 applications for in-house users and 10.50 applications for agency users.

This huge gap between increasing job demand and falling candidate interest means it’s harder than ever to fill roles fast.

For recruiters, the value and expertise they bring to this challenging climate is clear. 

To ensure this value is delivered and leveraged, recruiters must ensure that they work with the right clients and candidates, qualify their job orders, determine what roles are fillable, effectively source candidates and navigate the recruitment process expertly. 

Our new eBook, Fill more roles: The essential agency guide, covers these topics and more, drawing on the expertise of our recruitment advisor Greg Savage. 

Download the free eBook now to discover how you can fill more roles and streamline your recruitment process. 

Discover how you can fill more roles with Greg Savage’s tips.

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