Re-stating JobAdder’s strict policies on data privacy.

Brett Iredale
28 Apr
Reading time: 2 minutes
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A recent blog post published by recruitment trainer and blogger, Ross Clennett, interviewing the CEO of recruitment franchise group, Frontline Recruitment, caught my eye this week and I thought it made for a good opportunity to re-state our policies on data sharing and privacy.

While I appreciate JobAdder being called a ‘giant’, I can assure you we are far from that, and most certainly not sleeping.  Here is a look at some of what we have delivered for clients in the last year.  

We compete very hard and punch above our weight in a congested and innovative market, having built an unrivalled reputation based on honesty, integrity and trust. I am confident the thousands of clients who rely on JobAdder every day will speak to that. We don’t have lock-in contracts at JobAdder so our customers get to judge us on our performance month in and month out.

I have discussed this matter openly many times before with our customers, however it is worth stating again for the sake of absolute clarity.  The assertions made about JobAdder in this article are false.

  1. SEEK do not sell JobAdder licenses.  JobAdder is in full control of selling JobAdder licenses, exactly the same way we have done for 10 years.
  2. We do not share any customer data with SEEK.  No placement data or any other client or candidate data is sent back to SEEK.  
  3. JobAdder customers have the same SEEK Premium Talent access that all other SEEK customers have.  We do not have magical access to SEEK data and nor do our customers.

I love a good conspiracy theory however it is important that we all stick to the actual facts.

If anyone wants to chat about this with me directly I am available anytime on or 0456 252 679.

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