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JobAdder enables Cbus to centralise their TA team

It’s time-saving, but ultimately for me it’s the candidate experience that is the biggest value add.. to give candidates the attention that they need…


As one of Australia’s very first industry superannuation funds, Cbus has a unique history: it was formed in 1984 as a result of Australian building and construction workers winning the rights to superannuation.

Cbus currently provides superannuation and income stream accounts to over 732,000 members around the country, and collectively manages $35b of industry funds.

With over 240 employees, Cbus recruits for roles ranging from Marketing Coordinator positions right up to Investment Managers, and JobAdder is used to fill all internal positions across the board.

The Challenge

Having previously relied on Excel spreadsheets to juggle open roles, Cbus was recommended to JobAdder by a connection in the recruitment industry.

We sat down with Justine Hartman, a senior member of Cbus’ Talent Acquisition team, to hear about Cbus’ experience with JobAdder.

The JobAdder Solution

Implementing the JobAdder recruitment platform has enabled Cbus’ HR team to centralise all talent acquisition tasks – tracking candidate applications, managing conversations with candidates and building talent pools – all in one place.

JobAdder’s automated communications functionality has been a stand-out feature for Cbus from the outset. Being able to dispatch automatic and personalised responses to candidates, rather than sifting through an inbox, copy and pasting standard responses and manually changing candidate names and job descriptions – has brought a great deal of clarity to the HR team’s workflow. Justine expands on the value that JobAdder provides for her.

“It’s time-saving, but ultimately for me, it’s the candidate experience that is the biggest value add – making sure that we’re able to give candidates the attention that they need. Also, not only the candidate experience but also our hiring manager experience – to be able to send through all submissions online, rather than print out resumes or Excel spreadsheets.”

Cbus is in a fortunate position in the respect that they receive a lot of unsolicited resumes and referrals. This is one great way in which their talent specialists come across new talent, but it also creates a backlog of paperwork for the team.

“We get lots of unsolicited resumes, whether that be from job seekers or people within our organisation referring friends with great backgrounds. That’s another aspect of how JobAdder really helps us, is being able to manage all those referrals and making sure we’ve gotten back to everyone.”

The ability for hiring managers to jump into JobAdder and see the status and progression of any open role has brought a greater level of transparency to the team. It is especially helpful for Cbus’ senior leadership team who don’t have the capacity to be across the ins and outs of every role on a daily basis, but who need to be able to see a succinct snapshot at a glance.

“It’s more than just the time; it’s the whole experience of using JobAdder.”


The Cbus team get the most value out of JobAdder’s LiveChat feature, unanimously finding it well-suited to times when a short, instant response is required.

Of JobAdder’s Customer Support team, Justine says, “from all the times we’ve encountered someone online, everyone has been fabulous. We’re very happy.”

On a scale of 1-10, Justine rated JobAdder 10 out of 10 for her willingness to recommend the recruitment software to other companies.

What’s Next?

Cbus continues to uphold its key mission to ensure that every member retires with dignity and comfort.

Cbus are strong advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and offer flexible working options to employees. With strong roots in the Australian unions, Cbus continues to expand and grow from strength to strength.

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Originally founded in 1925 to manage flexi state super schemes, the company then merged with another fund ten years ago, …

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