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JobAdder’s volume-based recruitment capabilities a key factor

JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us. We’re able to consult with our clients based on that data.


A single focus

As a specialist in volume-based recruitment, Citrus Group has a unique approach when it comes to dealing with candidates. Since being established in 2011, the agency has deliberately maintained a one-office location in Sydney, with recruiters flying out to meet them or using technology to their advantage.

“We work at a national or ANZ capacity, but the reason we chose to hold one office was to control the process,” one that the Group’s General Manager Mary Blake felt was perhaps different to their competitors. “The moment we start opening up different locations, our culture or the heart of the business is going to change.”

Having a recruitment platform that was capable of supporting the Group’s processes was key, and JobAdder’s ability to consistently innovate has been a key factor for Citrus Group.

A reason to stay

“By bringing people into JobAdder that specialise in bulk or volume-based recruitment, and be able to work hand-in-hand to really drive the platform to do that, is something that has excited us. It’s the constant redevelopment and new initiatives that are coming out that means we haven’t even broached looking anywhere else,” said Mary.

And while Citrus Group has used JobAdder since the agency’s inception, Mary noted that the experiences the team has had of alternative platforms have made them appreciate it all the more. “They’re still behind the eight ball with API plugins. Being able to leverage one source of truth…they don’t have the capacity to do that. They’re slowly getting there but their development is still rudimentary to some extent.”

That source of truth encompasses the ability to make use of the data they gather. “JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us,” said Mary. Citrus Group also makes use of the data in JobAdder by carrying out a lot of propensity planning, and looking at the peaks and troughs evident through their ad sources. “We’re able to consult with our clients based on that data,” she added.

Added value

Mary pointed out the additional value the team got from JobAdder, the first being that the platform was easy to use. “It’s fast, quick and enables them to deliver a level of experience back to the marketplace. From a leadership perspective, it’s being able to get that data and insights.” She added that it’s a very cost- effective solution, with the flexibility to adjust the number of users on a monthly basis, based on needs. “You don’t need a license. The SaaS capability allows businesses to really be able to provide that level of service without the costs associated with it.”

Citrus Group has integrated Astute as their platform of choice for payroll, with Burst SMS used to bulk text to candidates. “For my team, the integrations need to be smooth so that all they see is JobAdder delivering what it needs to.”

Mary sees JobAdder’s support as “absolutely impeccable. I’ve had responses sometimes on weekends where I wouldn’t expect a response because it’s not a priority, but someone’s picked up my ticket and delivered the answer.”

Done and dusted

That speedy response is something that Citrus Group is also able to extend to their clients, using JobAdder. “A client could ring us on a Sunday night needing people the next day. We can go into JobAdder, bulk text candidates and see responses coming back immediately. We can then say to the client, ‘done and dusted.’”

Mary noted that this has become a competitive advantage for them. “It helps us to actually win business because we have a speed of response to market.”

Beyond the saving of time, Mary noted that the team has saved, on average, 18% in their efficiencies, directly correlating with financial savings.

Single source of truth

Mary’s recommendation of JobAdder focuses on the platform’s “return on investment and efficiencies to the business, coupled with the user experience and the rich data that we’re able to mine. Additionally, the level of service that JobAdder provides and the consistent development helps when choosing a platform you’re not going to be tied into for a six-year term.

“If it’s not working for you then you’re able to get out of it, but I’m really confident that once people see it and start using it, they will never want to leave. JobAdder is our single source of truth.”

The future for Citrus Group is bright. “We’re a well-known brand in the marketplace and one that is branded for consistency: of staff, of deliverables and of honesty,” said Mary.

“Partnering with providers like JobAdder, it’s what we look for. This is one of the most perfect platforms for those that are in recruitment, who really want to be able to give dedicated experiences to their clients,” she added.

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