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RipCurl solves the challenge of seasonal bulk-hiring

I really love that you can set up email templates, where I can bulk email and insert fields so it looks more personalised. It just allows me to do things quicker than if I was doing a manual process. It’s quite intuitive.


Thinking global

Ripcurl’s recent implementation of their globalisation strategy required a solid foundation of processes and procedures to first be in place. It stood to reason that their recruitment efforts needed to be part of that initial assessment. “Before JobAdder we were just using email,” explained Jessie Morphet, RipCurl’s Talent & Engagement Lead. 

“There was no ability to pull candidates or have a look at who’s available from previous recruitment efforts unless you saved all the applicants that have come off Seek. So there was nothing in place to be a bit more proactive with our recruitment, be able to save templates for emails, notify managers of new candidates…it was more manual,” she added.

Clarity around hiring needs

In fact, the lack of clarity around authorisation processes for hiring managers was one of the reasons RipCurl went looking for a solution. “It was about making sure that managers were submitting applications and that our CEO, senior management and HR were approving positions that previously weren’t occurring…making sure positions were actually needed and that there was available budget,” said Jessie. 

JobAdder’s dashboard enables Jessie to keep an eagle eye on every part of the recruitment process. “You can really see how far ahead in the process managers are,” Jessie said, adding that she can use that information to follow up with managers to keep on top of their recruitment. “It gives me a bird’s eye view of the recruitment process and where we are falling down,” she added.

So this is Christmas 

At times of extreme hiring need such as with Christmas casuals, Jessie appreciates having the ability to link to hiring managers “so they can start looking at applicants earlier than me screening them which really makes it easier.”

“We managed to fill bulk casual recruitment [for retailer Ozmosis] in three weeks,” explained Jessie who added that was partly due to a lesser need to be a part of the entire process. “It means my hiring managers can view them live so they’re not waiting on me to send applications. Having direct access to applicants means they can view them at a time that suits them. You know what it’s like when you have an inbox that’s full of 800 emails and the task just looks so big you put it off,” she added.

Single source of truth

The ability to place candidates in talent folders was also a key factor. “So when we do have a need for causal hours [to be filled] I’ve got candidates [to view]. Previously we would have had to send out an email and see who knew someone we could get on board.”

Having a single source of truth comes with other benefits. “Just the ability to write notes on candidates for future reference [is helpful]. If I’m on leave everyone knows where we are at,” said Jessie, adding that being able to “just flip the switch and send applications directly to the hiring manager via the portal” was also a key factor.

The personal touch

With candidate experience very much top of mind for businesses, Jessie spoke about JobAdder’s ability to enable RipCurl to maintain a consistent and high-quality level of candidate care. “I really love that you can set up email templates, where I can bulk email [and] insert fields so it looks more personalised. It just allows me to do things quicker than if I was doing a manual process. It’s quite intuitive.”  

So what aspects of JobAdder would Jessie recommend to other recruiters?

“I would touch on the ability to search and create folders to access candidates quickly, the ability for any hiring manager to see what stage roles were at, and the consistency in the support provided.”

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