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JobAdder + Burst SMS

Burst SMS is an online SMS provider that allows users to communicate with customers via SMS with ease.

Burst SMS is an easy-to-use, smart SMS provider.

Burst SMS is used to convert email messages to SMS and to increase the overall speed and efficiency of business communications. Users can send SMS in bulk with Burst SMS, which is ideal for recruiters who regularly need to deliver the same kind of messages to groups of candidates.

Burst SMS can be used to send messages globally and its local platform is provided to users in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

Get Started
Sign up for a Burst SMS account.

Enable your Burst SMS account in JobAdder under Admin>Apps & Add Ons>SMS.

Start sending SMS messages to candidates and contacts!

Users can receive SMS replies via a nominated email address or mobile number. SMS replies that are received via email are fed back into JobAdder and are created as a note on the system.

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