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Pre-screening can be a strenuous part of hiring, costing you substantial time and human resource before you even start interviewing the right candidates.

With viddi, you can streamline and simplify this process. By enabling candidates to answer pre-interview questions via one-way video interview, employers can screen multiple candidates simultaneously, helping businesses save both time and money while boosting efficiency.

Why viddi?

Collect applications fast
Save time, build your talent pipeline and collect applications on the go with the viddi recruit feature. Distribute job vacancies with a QR code displayed on your window, reception desk or at point of sale, interested candidates apply and upload their video through the viddi portal. Then, it’s sent to you to review when time permits – job done!

Give candidates a voice
Don’t rely on what’s on paper. Let your candidates shine! Hear your candidates sharing their experiences and responding to your questions while gaining valuable insights into their personality and cultural fit.

Experience real-time interviews anytime, anywhere
viddi creates a real-time interview environment where candidates have a single opportunity to hear and respond to your questions. Just like in a face-to-face interview, you’re getting genuine and unrehearsed responses that you can review and revisit when you have the time and the headspace.

Move fast from application to shortlisting
By seeing and hearing your preferred candidates in real-time, you can make an informed decision on who to progress to face-to-face meetings quickly, so you engage the best candidates early and make the most of your time at in-person interviews.

Engage your team with easy sharing viddi makes it easy to index and share interviews across the business with a multiple-user license. Share candidate videos to engage and collaborate with hiring managers, executive teams, interstate and international sites, and other key team members in the recruitment process.

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