JobAdder + goldi

goldi is a video job board and recruiting marketplace that saves recruiters time, and helps them make more placements.

goldi is a personal branding platform for Search Consultants who are job marketing for your roles, and a marketplace where candidates can discover new opportunities. Recruiter video profiles and job posts are created in minutes and can be easily shared and used for marketing, social media sharing, and headhunting.

When a candidate applies for a role on goldi, they submit a short video application along with their CV. This allows you to assess their communication and other soft skills before a first interview.

goldi was designed to speed up the beginning of the interview process. For example, search consultants who work on volume roles can quickly screen with video applications. And for headhunting, video job posts have a high success rate of engaging with passive candidates for specialized and/or in-demand roles.

Recruiters can highlight their recruiting background with a personal video profile to attract new clients and candidates. There are no subscriptions or company contracts required to start posting jobs on goldi – recruiters can sign up for their own account.

The name goldi comes from goldilocks and the three bears— find the right fit.