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Setting your agency up for success: The power of temp recruitment

The global temporary staffing market was valued at US$500 billion in 2021. This is forecasted to hit US$673 billion by 2025. This presents a huge opportunity for recruitment agencies.

To empower agencies to make the most of this market, this eBook will explore:

  • Why temp recruitment should be the backbone of your recruitment agency 
  • The core tenets and best practices that should guide your temp recruitment offering
  • The key skills you need to look for when building your temp recruitment team
  • Developing and nurturing your temp talent pool
  • Serving clients across perm and temp recruitment
  • Managing a temp workforce across your client base

Whether you’ve already got a temp desk or you’re just moving into the temp space, we hope this eBook helps you boost your business. Fill out the form to access these insights now!