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Fill more roles: The essential agency guide

Changing candidate behaviour, ghosting and counter offers are rising as the tight talent market puts pressure on recruiters across the globe.

As a recruiter, you’re probably facing these challenges every day, while struggling to fill roles fast and meet client expectations.

If you want to change your output, you have to change your inputs, and that’s where our new eBook comes in.

We’ve partnered with recruitment advisor Greg Savage to explore how recruiters can work with clients and candidates to fill more roles.

In this free eBook, he stresses the importance of questioning and qualifying your job orders, relationship-building with clients and candidates, avoiding assumptions and managing the key moments of truth throughout the recruitment journey.

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  • Qualifying your job orders
  • Updating your definition of a good client
  • Approaching candidates and appealing to what matters to them
  • Understanding candidates’ motivations and their commitment to move
  • Navigating the Valley of Death between offer and start date
  • Countering counter offers