How to balance your perm and temp desks

Optimise your agency with the right mix of perm and temp recruitment.

Our expert panel delves into critical aspects of managing dual desks in recruitment, offering practical insights, real-world experiences, and actionable advice to help you optimise your recruitment business and achieve success in both permanent and temporary placements.

In this session, they explore:

  • Dual desk best practice
  • Optimising headcount and the roles required
  • Maintaining balance for dual desk consultants
  • The right tools and tech to maximise efficiencies
  • Strategic cash flow management

You’ll also get an exclusive look at what’s coming next to Temp Express, JobAdder’s purpose-built dashboard to help you manage your working temps and contractors.

So whether you’re already running a temp desk and want to optimise your processes or thinking about launching a temp offering, this session has something for everyone!

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Sally Bartley

Director, peoplefusion

One half of the powerhouse duo, ‘Al & Sal’; Sally brings with her more than 22 years of experience within the industry. Known for her ambition and natural ability to create connections, Sally contributed greatly to the success and history of the business, standing alongside long-standing friend and colleague, Ali Kimmorley, in bringing peoplefusion to life in 2007.

Sally is an Accredited Professional Recruiter and has achieved Member status with RCSA. She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and works closely with well-known organisations which include the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Home In Place, and the Port of Newcastle, across a broad range of roles including recruitment of management and executive positions. Sally has built and maintained relationships with Chairs and Executives, who have engaged her across multiple organisations they have worked with.

Danny Marlow

Co-founder and CEO, APositive

Danny Marlow is the CEO and co-founder of APositive. He launched APositive in 2013 with the purpose ‘to make lives easier through innovative business finance’. In the last 10 years, they have helped hundreds of businesses startup, scale and succeed with a range of innovative solutions, expert advice and first class customer service.

Danny began his career at AGC/Westpac and prior to founding APositive, gained over 25 years’ experience ensuring SMEs have the cash flow they need to thrive. This included developing an expertise in cash flow management, payroll funding, and recruitment finance.

Tom Dyson

Head of Product, JobAdder

Tom Dyson is the Head of Product at JobAdder, with over 10 years of experience building and growing B2B, SaaS solutions. Tom believes that product excellence sits neatly between an art, a science and strategic management and enjoys mentoring teams on how to achieve this unique balance.