JobAdder recruitment bootcamp

Gain passive candidates no one else has with JobAdder

feat. Recruiting Gym

When: 4-Weekly, 30-min on-demand sessions
Where: Virtually online

Topic: The Direct Sourcing Call – gaining passive candidates no one else has

Feel like your candidate engagement needs tuning up? Want more training but can’t seem to carve out the time of day?

Join JobAdder and recruitment expert Angela Cripps of Recruiting Gym for an exclusive, online recruitment bootcamp featuring interactive training classes and materials to help you level up your recruitment – without even breaking a sweat!

Weekly 30-minute, online training session with expert Angela Cripps on how to gain passive candidates no one else has

Monthly recruitment guides and resources delivered straight to your mailbox, for easy consumption in your own time

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What’s in the 4-week program

Week 1

  • What is a direct sourcing call
  • The benefits of a direct sourcing call
  • What preparation is needed – opportunities

Week 2

  • The structure of the call
  • How it’s suitable to every recruiter in every sector
  • Getting started – final preparations

Week 3

  • How to win out of every direct sourcing call
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Honing your skills

Week 4

  • Recap and review from the previous 3 sessions
  • Tips to improve quickly and consistently
  • Frequently asked questions

Who is running the session?

Angela Cripps

Angela Cripps is a globally experienced trainer, management consultant, executive coach, board advisor, mentor and performance specialist who has been working within the recruitment industry for over 30 years.

Her aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes. She has worked with over 150 SMEs in 16 different countries and her LinkedIn recommendations are a testament to the impact she can have on a business.