Turbocharge your team’s onboarding: A rapid training course

Grow placements & profits with powerful new starters from day 1.

Effective onboarding is the backbone to your agency’s success, shaping the perceptions of your team, clients, and candidates, and ultimately influencing the number of successful placements you make. We’ve developed a three-session course that provides a step-by-step guide to implementing a robust onboarding process, enabling growth and improving your bottom line results.

Why is Onboarding Important?

Many agencies tend to underestimate the value of effective onboarding because it is notoriously difficult to measure. Regardless of the metrics, a subpar onboarding process can hinder a company’s ability to achieve its goals. Research by Brandon Hall Group shows that thorough onboarding can increase new hire retention by 82% and boost productivity by over 70%. According to Root Inc, structured onboarding resulted in a 60% YoY revenue growth for companies.

Getting Started

You can minimise workload and effort by making small changes that will have a wide positive impact on your onboarding.

  • Unlocking Success
  • Creating your Program
  • Enhancing Performance

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Course Content

Unlocking success: Building the pillars of an effective onboarding journey

Whether you’re already running a structured onboarding process and looking to optimise or you’re about to appoint your first hire, this session will benefit you.  You’ll learn the foundations of a solid, result-driven onboarding program. Find out how to make a start or integrate it in your current process.

We’ll start with:

  • Understanding where the gaps are in your existing process

  • Defining the resource level you can allocate to the onboarding process

  • Developing objectives and KPIs that will contribute to and measure onboarding success

Creating your program: Finding the perfect fit for your agency

No agency is the same and that’s why every onboarding program will differ. But there are of course, some essential elements that everyone will need to include. These can be tailored to the needs of your team and company. 

During this session, we’ll walk through how to build the essential elements into your program and customise it to suit.

You’ll learn about:

  • The important milestones and timeframes to be aware of
  • The content within an effective onboarding program
  • Getting the new starter to take responsibility for their development
Enhanced performance: How to drive and sustain positive program outcomes

Monitoring performance and making changes at the right time will be key to the success of your program and ultimately, how successful your new starters are. During this session we’ll take you through how to ensure your program doesn’t go stagnant.

During this session we’ll cover:

  • Gaining the support and commitment from the team
  • Making your process effective whether in-person or online
  • Monitoring onboarding through performance management
  • When and were to review and update


Angela Cripps

Angela Cripps is a globally experienced trainer, management consultant, executive coach, board advisor, mentor and performance specialist who has been working within the recruitment industry for over 30 years.

Her aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes. She has worked with over 250 SMEs in 17 different countries and her LinkedIn recommendations are a testament to the impact she can have on a business.

Angela has recruited over 5,000 people herself during her recruitment career and trained and supported over 1,000 students to gain qualifications in recruitment.

Angela is the owner and responsible for the day to day running of the Recruiting Gym – a training, coaching and consultancy business with an online training platform of over 100 courses relevant to the recruitment industry.

Angela supports any organisation that is looking to improve standards in recruitment as well as organisations on a voluntary basis – especially where it’s focus is getting either young people or those past the age of 55, employed. You can also catch her at work on the documentary ‘The Movement’ on Amazon Prime, whilst this year she’s training Amazon’s graduate resourcers.

Angela writes blog posts for several organisations, (including Recruitment Juice and Boomerang Funding) and you’ll catch her on podcasts with Alison Humphries’ Recruitment Leadership, Harnessing Happiness, ThinkInCircles, Leaderboard, The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM) whilst supporting the recruitment industry with hints, tips and techniques.