Navigating the next wave: How to source high-performing Gen Z candidates

Learn how to attract and engage Gen Z candidates with the following strategies from industry experts.

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The recruitment industry is undergoing a transformative shift with 27% of the candidate market expected to be under 28 by 2025. Expectations, attitudes, and requirements differ significantly from previous generations, making traditional candidate sourcing strategies obsolete. Failure to adapt in time means losing out on hiring top talent.

Do you want to be an industry leader and position yourself as a dominant force in the Gen Z recruitment space?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Why Gen Z is the key to both short term and long term business growth
  • The low effort, high impact changes you can make to start generating results through Gen Z
  • How to build a competitive advantage through your Gen Z recruitment strategy

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Hishem Azzouz

Founder, Hector and The Recruitment Mentors Podcast

Haris Qureshi

VP Sales & Customer Success hatch

Corinne Cenere

Product Design Lead JobAdder