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What 2023 taught us: 20 tips on how to future-proof your recruitment business

It has been a challenging year for the Australian economy. Increasing interest rates and inflation have impacted business confidence and many organisations have had to rethink the way they do business. 

However, despite the economic slowdown, the 2023 Employment Forecasts report stated that approximately an additional 405,500 Australians gained employment in 2023. In JobAdder’s State of the Market: ANZ & UK Recruitment Trends report, recruitment thought leader and JobAdder advisor Greg Savage emphasised that while this decline may seem negative, it is simply a market correction to the unprecedented post-pandemic boom. Unemployment rate still remains at a low of 3.7% despite AI being more widely used across the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned recruitment agency owner or a recruitment or HR professional intrigued by the potential of AI, this eBook will equip you with 20 strategies on how to future-proof your company. This includes how to:

What’s inside?

Make your client base resilient to recessions

Learn what actions to take to survive and thrive in unfavourable economic conditions. 

Protect yourself and your recruitment agency

Identify the quick wins with the biggest business impact.

Attract the best talent

Find out how to attract candidates and effectively compete in a tight talent market.

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