SMS Recruitment

SMS is a popular JobAdder feature making it easier for you to communicate with your candidates; and get a response fast.

Use SMS to improve Candidate communication

SMS makes communicating with candidates more intuitive, consistent and effective

Smartphones have become so integral to our lives that many of us now consider our phone an extension of ourselves. It’s no surprise then that text messages have a 98% open rate, extraordinarily high compared with other communication methods. Used wisely, SMS texting can be a useful addition to your recruitment strategy and an effective way of communicating with clients and candidates throughout the hiring process.

Adoption of SMS in the recruitment industry is still quite low, therefore it can be an intuitive way to set yourself apart from the competition and give candidates another communication option that’s quick and easy. Texting is a great way to reach candidates when you’re short on time or they are proving difficult to get a hold of.

You can use SMS at all stages of the recruiting process, such as notifying your talent pool of job openings, sending reminders for upcoming interviews or updating candidates on the progress of their application. Regular progress updates will help you foster stronger relationships with your candidates and clients.
JobAdder users can take advantage of voice-to-text to quickly send texts on the fly or compose messages to be sent later. Constantly finding yourself sending the same texts? Create ready-to-use SMS templates to save time.

How To Use SMS and Mobile Recruiting Effectively

Here are some ways you can tactically incorporate SMS in your recruitment process

Send interview directions

Ensure your candidates are equipped with accurate directions for their job interview to help them put their best foot forward.

Update details via mobile

Direct candidates to your CareerUpdate mobile portal to encourage them to update their job seeking status and personal information

Confirm temp start time

Got a temp candidate starting tomorrow? Send them a quick text reminding them of their start time, contact person on arrival, directions and who to reach out to if there are any issues.

Opt in to text job alerts

Give your candidates the option to choose to be notified by text when you have a matching job opportunity they might be interested in.

Read our case study with Burst SMS to find out more about how SMS can supplement your hiring strategy.

Benefits of SMS for Recruiters

Why you should consider incorporating SMS into your recruitment process

Better response times

Reach candidates and clients rapidly when you need to. A lower response barrier increases the number and speed of responses.

Equip candidates for success

Keep clients happy by giving candidates extra information that helps them be on time and make a great impression.

Keep candidates updated

Job searching is stressful, which is why candidates want frequent updates. Use SMS to keep them in the loop during the hiring process.

Do what you promise

Sending an SMS takes less effort than a call or an email. Great for procrastinators who put off making those calls. Be honest now!

JobAdder was built with mobile in mind from the very beginning. We believe it should be easy to connect and engage with your candidates wherever you are using just your smartphone.
The JobAdder mobile app uses smart technology and great design to free you from the shackles of your desk without compromising on functionality.