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10 Habits of Successful Recruiters

Stuart Read
18 May
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Last week Clearly PR, a recruitment and HR specialist PR agency, released figures indicating that since the start of this year almost 900 new recruitment firms have been registered.

With recruitment industry growth and competition on the rise, the question is: how can you as a recruiter set yourself apart and attain success in the long term? 

Here are 10 habits of successful recruiters that you need to adopt now:


1. The best recruiters never let candidates go cold – use templated emails and SMS to send bulk, customised messages that give candidate comms a personal touch without the manual effort.

2. Be proactive on social media and beyond. Attend meetups in your relevant talent arena e.g. if you recruit for Dev roles, network at free developer meetups and join Slack Communities to tap into passive talent markets.

3. Always test and learn – record the types of job ads that are most effective and use those successful metrics to continually improve and maximise your ROI.

4. Get involved and stay up to date and relevant by attending important industry events, such as the RCSA International Conference and the Australasian Talent Conference.

5. Nurture your company brand – give a friendly face to your employees, celebrate the wins and promote your company values through a company blog or social media, a simple way to attract new job seekers and clients.

6. When away from the desk, knock tasks over by recruiting from your phone.

7. Build relationships with hiring managers in your industry – keeping them warm will ensure you’re top of mind when vacancies arise.

8. Prioritise one-on-one face time with candidates – they’re our greatest asset after all!
Hot Tip: On a candidate’s first day at a new job, send a congratulatory box of chocolates featuring your company’s branding on the box. It will leave a positive impression on the candidate and also on all the other staff at the firm when the box is passed around the office!

9. Use apps and tools that prioritise your workload and automatically remind you of upcoming deadlines – Taskpace, Trello and Cronofy are a few great examples.

10. Quality over quantity: dig deep with every candidate to place them in a role you’re confident will be a great fit for them long term. If that means you get through less candidates, so be it – your successful placements and happy clients will speak volumes!


What are some of the other habits of successful recruiters you know?

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