Does Your Current Recruitment System Tick These Boxes? If So, It’s Time For An Upgrade.

Stuart Read
4 Nov
Reading time: 2 minutes
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There’s no denying that the market for recruitment management systems is competitive and oversaturated.

If you’ve been wondering whether your recruitment platform is working hard enough for you, see how it stacks up against this checklist.

Above all, a recruitment system should be intuitive and easy to use. This means having an uncluttered, user-friendly dashboard that puts key decision-making data front and centre, and has plenty of access points to Customer Support.

Recruitment software pricing should be competitive and transparent. Be aware – many recruitment software providers have contractual pricing arrangements and hidden fees, or make it compulsory to sign up for other software providers when you sign up with them. An RMS should offer users flexible payment options and ideally, tiered pricing options as well.

Excellent Customer Support is a defining feature of any company that’s competitive in their market. With that in mind, the least you should settle for from your recruitment software provider is great Customer Support.

This means unrestricted access to knowledgeable, friendly Customer Support representatives who are available at all times of the day – especially outside of traditional work hours – and who go the extra mile to resolve any enquiry.

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It’s 2016, you definitely shouldn’t be! Every web-based recruitment system must be completely mobile-friendly, working just as well from a phone or an iPad as from the desktop. Fully integrated mobile apps allow recruitment professionals to recruit on the go and be able to respond quickly to updates, requests and new applications.

Every software provider should keep their users in the loop about new ways they can get value out of the product with consistent product updates and new feature releases. A commitment to continuous evolution and improvement is a feature of all best in class software providers.

Extras such as add ons and integrations are a given part of the package, so make sure your recruitment system offers enough extras that actually provide you with value.
User training is another essential extra, both face-to-face and through online help and self-training tools like WalkMe.

So, how does your Recruitment System stack up?

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