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Stuart Read
16 Dec
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It was a Tuesday morning when the depression really kicked in.

Struggling to get out of bed, I knew I couldn’t keep this up for much longer; but swung my legs to the floor and stood to face the working day.  Every day was the same.

I had so many benefits with my job… I loved the challenge of my role as QA/Tester, and there were my amazing colleagues who were exceptionally skilled and great friends. I worked from home, 8:30-5:30 five days a week, and would walk to the beach or a cafe for my lunch break. Why, despite all the advantages of this job, did I still feel so flat?


There’s no other way around it. I wanted to see what was around the corner… and the next corner… and the next. I wanted to improve my situation, and see what was really possible with remote working.

It was then that the email from Brett, our CEO, came through. “Introducing more flexible hours… and more thongs!”. We were now permitted to work hours that suited us as long as we were online by 9am. And of course, it was suggested that we could dress casual on days when clients weren’t in the office.  Since I was already working in a bikini from home, dress code didn’t affect me… but I appreciated it all the same! With flexible hours I could take a 2hr medical appointment break in the middle of the day, and work longer… or I could start working at 5:30am and finish at 2:30pm so I could do a coast walk after work before the sun set (or personally pick up the kids after school… if I had any).

This flexibility was the final breath of fresh air that I needed. This also meant that if I were to travel, there would be flexibility for log-on time if a plane was delayed. Or I would be less panicked if it took me an extra hour to get a taxi to the nearest Data Sim shop so I could secure stable internet in a new country.


So where am I now?

I hopped on a plane and became a digital nomad.

The latest location I have been working is from Pulse Surf Charter boat off the coast of Langkawi, Malaysia.



JobAdder uses these powerful but simple online cloud tools:

JobAdder (as it’s completely cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere, even our testing instances are in the cloud)

Atlassian Jira (bug ticketing system)

TestRail (QA Testing tool)

Google Gmail (cloud email, office documents, and calendar)

Xero (for declaring any leave days to our accounts team)

and Skype (for Stand Up voice meetings, screen share and chat).  


Everything is online.

All I need is good local internet and a 4GB data packet.

One of my biggest concerns with travel is finding reliable internet. The slightest connectivity glitch is enough to send me into anxiety and panic. But you know what? This happens everywhere… even when I’m in head office. Of course I choose my locations wisely, but with experience I’m finding there are loads of opportunities. Just take a look at the locations I am able to work from!


Traveling to my new remote JobAdder office!
Mugshot of me working!
Working from the poop deck of the Pulse Boat!
Recruiters, your JobAdder system works here too!

Now I am truly finding where remote working and a flexible workplace can take me.

So if you’re feeling adventurous come and work remotely with me for a stint wherever I currently am… in Ubud – Bali, Wanaka – New Zealand, then Phuket – Thailand perhaps!


Claire Iredale

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