JobAdder Blood Donation

Giving Back For A Bloody Good Cause

Stuart Read
30 Mar
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This week a group of us Adders spent a lunchtime at the Elizabeth Street Red Cross Clinic in Sydney donating blood.

The sight of those needles (and the bag of what we’d donated!) was not for the faint-hearted, but it was over before we knew it and there were plenty of free cookies and sweet treats going around afterwards.


JobAdder Blood Donation

JobAdder Blood Donation


As part of our commitment to LifeAdder, one of our company-wide objectives this year is to step up our involvement in charity work and give more help to those who need it most.


Donating blood only takes an hour (15 mins for the donating part, 45 mins for the appointment) and it doesn’t cost a cent! The blood you donate in one session can be made into 22 different types of medical treatments to treat all kinds of serious medical conditions.


Why not round up a group from your company and donate blood one lunchtime next week?

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re making a real contribution that saves lives. Or here’s another way to look at it: it’ll be one very memorable team bonding activity!


Find out more donating blood for the Australian Red Cross.

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