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The key to a good candidate experience is simple.

Simplicity is all it takes to improve your candidate experience. Software Advice, a resource for ATS buyers, recently released a survey titled, “Using ATS Software to Improve the Candidate Experience” reviewed how a good applicant tracking system can help the process.

The results? Unclear application instructions, lengthy application forms and communication topped candidates wish list for a good candidate experience. That means you can put away the swag bags, VIP parking spots and start focusing on small changes that equate to a good candidate experience in the long run.

So, how can you simplify your applicant tracking for success?

Social Login: “New technology—namely, the Facebook and LinkedIn’s integration tools  — can help shorten the application process, reducing time and frustration.

Better Communication: Keep in contact with applicants. It may not seem important to follow up with potential prospects, but doing so could help with overall experience.

Automation: Automation isn’t just for your clients and internal processes. Take a look at how you’re automating your candidate process. Create interview reminder emails, automate emails after an applicant applies — even automate emails for passive candidates. Automation is key to a good candidate experience.

Shorten your application: Yes, you want applicants to be qualified, but consider what you need in an application. You’d be surprised what isn’t needed.

Pick up the phone! Okay, you’ve automated your process, but a short call goes a long way. A short conversation makes candidates feel appreciated.

Say ‘thank you.’ One of the best interview experiences I’ve personally had was a few years back. It was a lengthy interview process that included me taking a video interview on my vacation. In the end, I didn’t get the position, but I’ll never forget the thoughtful note the hiring manager sent after the process. When speaking to friends, I always speak highly of the company.

These are just a few keys to a good candidate experience. What works for your staffing and recruitment agency.

Brett Iredale

Brett Iredale

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