JobAdder Pub Recruiting Strategy

Why you should host your next job interview at a pub

Stuart Read
11 Aug
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At JobAdder, we believe you’ve got to shake things up and do things differently in order to get the best results.

So, why not challenge the norm when it comes to hosting job interviews?

Picture this: you’re a candidate who’s been invited to two job interviews, one in a stiff office boardroom and one at a cozy local pub. Which job (and company for that matter) would you be more intrigued about?

Recently we put this scenario to the test.

Two of our Product Managers along with the head of our Mobile Product Development team invited a candidate to give a final pitch presentation at a local pub.

The candidate was met at the pub by our friendly team of Adders, where beer and banter provided the backdrop to their presentation.

The net effect of this unconventional recruitment strategy was that the informal setting took the edge off of the interview nerves, allowing the hiring managers to get a more accurate impression of the candidate and how they handled themself in an unorthodox environment. In turn, the candidate got the chance to experience our company values in a friendly setting and see the way our teams work together.

As long as you’re not having to rely on wifi or power, which can be tricky at a pub – and you don’t coincide your interview with happy hour when there’s noise to contend with – hosting an interview at a pub is a convenient, relaxed and informal setting. Another benefit is that it gives the candidate the chance to mingle in a social setting with the team afterwards and see if they can picture themselves fitting in with the people and culture of the company.

Not quite the scene you picture when you think of a job interview, right?

JobAdder Pub Recruitment Post


As companies the world over start embracing new and more liberating workforce trends, we see workplace traditions being redefined every day. For example, global mobility and increased workplace flexibility allow people to work outside the confines of one desk for the same set number of hours every day.

Hosting a job interview at a pub may not be feasible for every workplace, but it’s food for thought about how you and your company can redefine traditional workplace habits. What out-of-the-box approaches does your company have towards daily work traditions and habits?

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