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How one mistake is increasing your time to hire

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
time to hire

Wondering how to decrease your time to hire and efficiently place quality candidates? There’s one big mistake that you may be overlooking.

Focusing your candidate sourcing efforts on job posting, without any nurturing of a diverse talent pool, is a common mistake for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. 

Primarily relying on reactive recruitment through job posting on job boards means that you’re always searching for quality candidates, and hoping that the right ones answer your ads.

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Proactive recruitment improves your time to hire

When you diversify your recruitment efforts and utilise proactive recruitment through talent pooling, you’re helping yourself in the long run. 

By building and nurturing a talent pool full of quality, diverse candidates, you now have a reliable source of candidates for a wide range of roles. 

This means that you can move quickly when filling a new job, simply searching through your talent pool to find a variety of relevant candidates and significantly cutting your time to hire. 

It’s all about examining how you spend your time and figuring out the efficiencies that could save you time each day. 

When comparing job posting versus nurturing talent pools, you need to invest your energy and time into the most sustainable and strategic solution. 

To back this up, we recently analysed our JobAdder data to determine the difference in time to hire when job posting or using your talent pool. 

What does the data show?

In our recent global industry report, we found that our recruitment agency users were seeing big differences in time to hire when placing candidates through the JobAdder database (which is where their talent pool sits), compared to using external sources like job posting.

For Australian agency users filling temp and contract roles, the average days to place using the JobAdder database was 6.4 days, while using external sources saw an average of 26.7 days.

For Australian users filling permanent positions, those using external sources took on average 42.0 days, while those using the JobAdder database took 26.3 days. 

In New Zealand, agency users filling temp and contract placements took 32.3 days using external sources and 8.8 days using the JobAdder database. For permanent placements, those using external sources took 47.8 days and those using the database or talent pool took 33.0 days. 

In the UK, temp and contract placements took 25.7 days using external sources, compared to 11.6 days via the database. Those filling permanent placements took 42.2 days using external sources and 33.3 days using the database. 

Recruitment thought leader Greg Savage states that these insights are revealing: “If ever recruiters needed evidence that ‘reactive recruiting’ was becoming increasingly ineffective, this data provides it. Building up a strong network of screened candidates and implementing proactive sourcing and engagement tactics is essential. This is even more crucial in skills-short environments.”

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