Introducing LifeAdder

Stuart Read
17 Mar
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“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”
     – Babe Ruth

Now I’m no baseball expert, but this quote by American baseball hero Babe Ruth is as true of sport as it is of the workplace.

At JobAdder, teamwork is the fabric of what we do every day. We work hard, play hard, learn from the losses and always celebrate the wins – big and small. It was only a few years ago that we were a smaller team that could be crammed under one roof for team bonding getaways or Christmas parties.

Fast forward to 2017: we now have Adders spread out all over the globe and as of March we’ve already welcomed our 8th new starter this year!


JobAdder Group Shot 2017
JobAdder Christmas Party 2016

In the spirit of keeping our growing team together, we’re excited to announce that this year we’re reintroducing a popular internal initiative called LifeAdder.

LifeAdder is an opportunity for us Adders to get together and set a personal goal (or goals) for the year ahead, based on something we want to achieve or a challenge we want to overcome. As the year progresses we check in, share key milestones, vent about hurdles and encourage each other along the way.

The idea of a LifeAdder goal is something that will involve a challenge for the person who sets it, it’s something they wouldn’t or couldn’t otherwise do; something that pushes them out of their comfort zone.

More than achieving these goals as individuals, we work towards betterment as a team.


JobAdder LifeAdder Post Bree
Skydiving was one of Support Pirate Bree’s LifeAdder goals a few years back!

We recently kicked off the first LifeAdder session of 2017 and boy do we have some awesome and extraordinary goals to achieve this year!

We have Adders who are going to ride motorbikes, go skydiving, learn Salsa dancing and do the Ironman challenge, just to name a few. After 2 Adders found out that they share a goal in common – archery – they’re upping the ante by facing off in an archery competition at the end of the year. Robin Hood, eat your heart out!

Our Customer Support team are also taking it up a notch, they’re going on a trip to Bali for a week in July where they’ll wake up one morning at 2am and climb Mount Batur in Ubud at sunrise. I think the rest of the company was keen to make that their LifeAdder goal as well after hearing about it!


As a group, us Adders are anything but average. LifeAdder is a fun way to celebrate our individuality and share something that keeps us connected outside of what we do every day at work.

We’re dreaming big and aiming high in 2017.


Stay tuned for more LifeAdder updates as we bring these exciting goals to life!

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