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Job growth in New Zealand prospering

Stuart Read
2 Aug
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According to new statistics released by Trade Me Jobs, New Zealand is currently experiencing high demand for jobs.

As reported by The Global Recruiter, listing data revealed that Trade Me Jobs has experienced a 12% increase in job vacancies listed on their platform. This upturn represents the fourth consecutive quarter of significant growth in new job listings.

Jeremy Wade, the Head of Trade Me Jobs, shared, “The job market has experienced unbelievable growth over the last year, and we’ve seen listings up in every region across the country which is very rare.”

As well as strong demand for talent, an analysis of over 72,000 job vacancies on the Trade Me platform has shown that some sectors of the New Zealand employment market are also experiencing growth in wages.

Mr Wade expanded, “Overall average pay was down 1 per cent, but in sectors with huge demand for staff the wages have begun to shift pretty markedly. For instance, the average wage in construction in Auckland has jumped 21 per cent in the last year.”

Sectors that are experiencing the highest levels of growth – and wage increases – are jobs in the construction (average pay up 8%) and automotive (average pay up by 5%) industries.


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