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JobAdder secures SEEK reinvestment to bolster expansion and growth

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

Recruitment software platform, JobAdder, today announced it has secured another round of funding from its parent company, SEEK Ltd. This additional funding will help fuel innovation and grow its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service offering for recruitment customers across the globe. 

Currently servicing 4,500 client accounts with 27,000 users, JobAdder targets recruitment agencies, staffing firms and talent acquisition teams who want everything in one place without the complexity typical in legacy platforms. Its simple and powerful user interface (UI) is underpinned by human-centric customer experience and flexibility with pricing and integrations.

The latest investment round from SEEK will support JobAdder’s overall growth trajectory and allow the company to extend its offering within larger multi-desk agencies in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and additional global markets and branch further into the in-house talent acquisition space. 

With the funding, JobAdder will accelerate the expansion of its core platform into temp and contract recruitment with the development of ‘Temp Express,’ a new dashboard backed by 18 months of intensive customer research to understand the unique goals and challenges faced by temp recruiters. To this end, Temp Express will make it easier for temp recruiters to manage their workforce and vacancies, create talent pools using AI and automation, move faster with job templates and bulk actions and track the performance of their temp desk.

Buoyed by the capital injection, JobAdder will further direct resources into its overall usability and enhancement of its service offerings through longer-term investments in AI, data science and mobile. These focus areas will enable the company to provide even greater value to its customers and help them meet the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing recruitment landscape. 

CEO of JobAdder, Martin Herbst, said temp and contract recruitment (for short-term hires) are increasingly important given the current economic cycle. 

“Despite its historical tightness, the increasingly diverse and fluid labour market means employers will need greater flexibility to adjust their workforce according to shifting business demands. As a result, there’s a significant opportunity for recruiters to be more dexterous in finding and managing qualified temporary workers.

“Our latest investment from SEEK will help us accelerate the launch of new products, allowing recruitment professionals to diversify, work smarter and make the best of changing market conditions. This funding round is a clear indication of our continued dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the recruitment industry,” Mr. Herbst said.

The latest version of the JobAdder app includes a rules-based, task-driven interface to help recruiters stay on top of their workload and priorities in a more accessible, efficient and productive way. Additionally, the first of four Temp Express features will give temp recruiters complete visibility of their workforce at a glance, showing Booked, Working, Finishing and Closed placements. Recruiters can view each contractor’s placement details, schedules, compliance and any notes or activity in the list without having to click into the placement record.

The latest funding follows SEEK’s additional investment in JobAdder in 2021, after former eBay and Gumtree executive, Martin Herbst, joined as CEO to take over leadership from the company’s founders.

Mr. Herbst continued: “JobAdder has a thriving, innovative culture obsessed with making our customers happy. Our inherent brand, product development ethos and mission are all grounded in the theme of adding joy to the job of recruitment, with an end goal of helping recruiters be more efficient and productive at work. We will continue to be customer-first and stay closely connected with our wider community to build a market-leading product for them.” 

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