Meet ‘Activities’ — your new framework for success in recruitment.

Brett Iredale
4 May
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If there is one thing I have learned in 20 years in recruitment, it is that success is not a fluke. The best recruiters I have worked with are highly thoughtful and considered professionals with tried and tested methods for success. They have structure, processes and proven methodologies that they follow and continuously improve. This is true of both internal and agency recruiters.

To give all recruiters the best possible chance to succeed, we have developed and built a structured framework for this discipline into JobAdder.

Meet Activities!
Activities are brand new, customisable smart forms in JobAdder that allow you to create structured, optimised recruitment processes for all users to follow.

Why Activities are a game-changer;

  1. Have all your recruiters working the same way, to the highest standards
  2. Onboarding and training new recruiters is a breeze
  3. Remove the guesswork by providing structured forms and checklists to follow
  4. Ensure compliance and reduce risk
  5. Powerful reporting — see precisely what recruitment activity is occurring
  6. Work smarter, faster and with complete consistency

How does it work?

Simply create your activity forms in your JobAdder Admin area. Once created, they then appear in all user’s menus under each tab in JobAdder. Below is an example of how they appear in your menu.

There are no limits to the number, or types, of Activities you can create, but here are some simple examples I put together to illustrate the power of Activities and to get your creative juices flowing;


A checklist to run through before your candidate goes to the Hiring Manager for an interview. Run through this on the phone with the candidate, or simply check it off yourself as part of your pre-interview preparation.


Create structured interview feedback forms, making it fast and straightforward to collect interview feedback, while making sure you do not forget anything important. Create forms for;

  • Entering your feedback after conducting an interview
  • Receiving Candidate feedback after they attend an interview
  • Receiving feedback from Hiring Managers after they conduct an interview


Simply emailing a candidate to confirm an interview can be a missed opportunity (actually it’s lazy). Use this opportunity to call or Zoom your candidate and run through a few quick questions designed to ensure they are as prepared as you need them to be, and in the right state of mind.


It is so exciting getting that call from the Hiring Manager to say that they are going to be making your candidate an offer. Use an Activity form to ensure that even amongst the high-fives, you still remember to collect all of the appropriate information you will need to convey the offer to the candidate.


In today’s recruitment world, compliance is more critical than ever before. Use Activities to create compliance forms for everything from Visa and Work Rights checks to Site and Safety Inspections, Uniform Order Forms and much, much more.


Make your Candidate Care programs a breeze with Activities. Create and schedule all of your candidate calls and visits, such as your regular check-ins with placed candidates.


Create templates for all your reference checks so that all references in your business are collected and recorded to the same compliant, high standards.

(To automate reference checks we still recommend integrated partners, Referoo and Xref)


There is an art to taking a thorough job brief, and the best recruiters know to spend as much time as possible at this stage to set themselves up to succeed. With Activities you can create detailed job order forms for all the different roles you fill, ensuring that you always have all the information you need to be able to make the best match of candidate and job.

Create your Activities today

Activities can be created on Jobs, Candidates, Job Applications, Placements, Companies and Contacts. Log in and to your Admin menu in JobAdder today and have a look.

Our Customer Support team are also available to help you work through it if you need assistance.

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