Top 5 Reasons You Should Move Your Recruitment to the Cloud

Stuart Read
13 Jul
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Are you satisfied as a recruiter? Are the long hours and managing candidates gone wild making you tear your hair out in frustration? Get your head out of that rut and by moving your recruitment practices to the Cloud. Here are top 5 benefits why this will be the best decision you will ever make:

Save Loads of Dough

There is a reason all eyes are on the cloud and why search engine giants like Google, Amazon, Yahoo! swear by it. Not only does it make things oh-so-convenient, but it cut costs down like nobody’s business. Traditional desktop software is typically quite expensive to manage and operate if we take licensing fees for multiple users and the infrastructure into account. However, with a cloud based server, you will not have to contend with any server or hardware costs and open up way more time to focus on recruiting more candidates. In other words, you will pay for what you want and when you need it.

Fire up Productivity Levels

When you transfer contact lists, emails and important documents to the cloud, you can allow your employees to recruit as many people as possible within less time. Plus, they can do that on the go as well! How cool is that? If your staffing agency has remote recruiters on staff, what better way to remain in touch with them than through a platform that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime? Not only will they never have an excuse to skive off work, but their productivity levels will also skyrocket.

Mold your Recruiters and Strategies

Since cloud technology is online, you can access critical information anywhere and at any time of the day or night without interrupting workflow. Plus, you can also tweak your recruitment teams and their size easily enough. If your staffing agency’s requirements change, for instance, all you have to do is change your subscription and viola!

No more Panic Attacks

Nothing can make you pee your pants more than a compromised database or if you lose an important résumé! By moving your recruiting practices to the cloud, you can say goodbye to those panic attacks forever. No need to throw your hard-earned revenue on expensive management software when you can just move critical data in the cloud and access it at a moment’s notice.

Move from Admin to Automation

Are your hiring practices more boring than watching paint dry? Why waste time in boring data entry, posting job posts manually and sorting applications, when you can do that super fast through cloud-based technology? As a recruitment manager, you know that recruiting is a race and you can risk losing a good candidate if selecting one is taking too long. Cloud based software such as an applicant tracking system can allow you to reduce administrative tasks, create an organized and accessible database and respond to potential candidates before your competitors get their paws on them.

Whether you want your recruiters to set up an onsite meeting with a candidate quickly, respond to them after hours, increase productivity levels or streamline operations, you need to move your recruitment practices to the cloud.


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