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Release notes: Activities

We’ll be publishing Release Notes on a monthly basis to highlight recent product updates and new products we’ve shipped so you can stay up to date on what’s happening at JobAdder.

Here’s something you’ll rate

When you’re on the phone to a candidate and going through your standard screening questions – let’s say you have to rate a candidate on four criteria:

  • Phone Manner
  • Knowledge about the company they’re applying for/to
  • Their level of expertise
  • How suitable they would be for the role

Writing all of that in a big block of text would be

  • Time-consuming
  • Inconsistent
  • A nightmare for another person to try and read through

You can now click on a number to record a value against a scale. All of that information is as easy to record as it is to read!

Gif on adding a value against a scale

We’ve also added a date/time/range to collect data such as ‘how long were they in their previous role, or how many days late were they for their interview?

@mention and notifications via Activities

Activities have made it extremely easy for recruiters to collect and store information in a standardised way – and it will only get easier from here. But what about sharing & collaborating with your team? Not only can users now ‘notify’ others (a slight adaptation of @mentions) but admin users can set default notifications for when certain activities are completed.

If you’re speaking with a candidate, completing an onboarding activity – because your brilliant admin user has configured that activity to ‘notify’ a user (admin/payroll/internal HR) when it’s completed, those who need to know, get told automatically. They can also trust that they will have everything they need (thanks to mandatory questions)!

gif on notifying admin users

Lovely. Interconnected. Flowing. This is what Activities is all about – and it is only going to get better!

To search is to find

Reporting is super important; in an agency setting consultants are KPI’d on how many calls they make, emails they send and many other metrics. Rest assured, nobody has forgotten and it’s definitely on the horizon.

In the interim, however, we have added Activity search criteria to each record search page allowing you to perform basic searches on:

  • Activity Group/Type
  • Keyword
  • Date range
  • By recruiter

These will allow you to see the records with activities recorded against them.

Want to know more? Speak to a member of our sales team or if you’re a JobAdder customer, our Support team is ready to help.

Chris English

Chris English

After joining JobAdder in 2016 as a support consultant, Chris always had his heart set on becoming a product manager. Last year that dream came true for him and he is loving each and every moment! Chris’ time in support has provided wonderful insights into how users interact with JobAdder and more importantly how they would like to interact with it. He loves nothing more than getting feedback and suggestions from clients, so if you would like to provide any, click here.

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