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Show Your Candidates Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Stuart Read
13 Feb
Reading time: 2 minutes
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The annual day of love is almost here and who better to give some love to than our candidates?

In any recruiter’s database, there’s a chance you’ll find a small percentage of candidates who are disheartened or cynical about recruiters because of experiences they’ve had in the past with recruiters dropping off the radar or not calling them back.

You don’t need an excuse to reach out to your candidates and give them a little extra attention, but what better excuse to than tomorrow!

Here are 5 simple ways you can show your candidates some love on Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year).

1. Pick up the phone

Check in with your candidates, give them an update about upcoming roles in the pipeline and ask if they have any new developments to share with you. The lost art of the phone call goes a long way!

2. Grab a coffee

If one of your candidates is about to go to a big interview, why not take them for a coffee beforehand? You can bet that even if they don’t get the job, you’ll have earned their respect and trust and they’ll be speaking highly of you to people in their network.

3. Send a text

Sometimes trying to find a time to call or meet with candidates – in secret, outside their work hours and commitments – feels like a job in itself. Skip the phone tag and long periods of silence by texting instead, a quick SMS is all it takes to stay in the loop with your contacts.

4. Share

Once in a while, take time out to email your candidates some relevant content that will help them succeed in their job search. This could be anything from job interview advice to resume optimisation tips, to an inspiring success story from a fellow job seeker.

5. Invite

Keep your candidates clued in to relevant events, workshops and networking opportunities that will benefit them. This might be passing on information about a free workshop that could improve their skill set, or about a networking opportunity at a big industry event.


What are you waiting for? Start spreading the love!

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