Snakes on a plane to make JobAdder better in 2017

Stuart Read
9 Dec
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Here at JobAdder, we now have 25% of our team working in locations other than Sydney.  That flexibility is fantastic for being able to find great staff wherever they live and provide customer support wherever most of our customers are, but it does present challenges in terms of building and maintaining working relationships, developing culture and so on.

There are many tools that we use to help with team building and communication (Zoom, Slack etc.), however there is nothing like face time.  To that end, we are lucky to be able to bring the whole team together once a year around Christmas time to bond, get to know each other better, discuss our successes and failures of the year and plan for the year to come.  And of course – we have plenty of fun doing so!

This year we all went to sunny Noosa in QLD.

International Adders from all corners of the globe flew in to tropical Noosa, which provided the scenic backdrop for our annual planning and team bonding event.  This is a tradition we’ve upheld for 8 years in a row now, from our very first one with our CEO driving an 8-seat mini van right through to this year’s event where we took over an entire Virgin flight!



First stop on the itinerary was Go Karting – and like any company that works hard and plays hard – we were in it to win it!
All caution went out the window as soon as we realised just how fast you could take those turns and the rest of the afternoon was spent hurtling around the track.  Plenty of bumps, spins-outs and bruised ribs later, Product Manager Tom Dyson emerged as our fastest driver (until next year!).

The track also provided the perfect backdrop for our very own Mannequin Challenge. 



After an epic first night of karaoke (and discovering that we have a classically-trained Opera singer in our midst) we set sail for swimming, fishing and some good old fashioned beach cricket on Day 2.

The weather was flawless and the fails kept the laughs rolling: boats getting bogged in the sand, catching and swiftly trying to un-catch poisonous Pufferfish and fishing hooks getting caught on boats. This last one happened way more times than we should admit!




After dancing till the wee hours on Friday night, sore heads and sunburn meant Saturday was spent lounging by the pool. Always going above and beyond to help those in need, Team Customer Support had put together personalised survival kits for every Adder, which were a godsend after a big night out.

A few dusty brains and a plane ride home through a thunderstorm later (yes, really!) it was time to say goodbye and restart the countdown till next year’s hard work to make JobAdder even better for all customers.



Apart from being an unbelievable Christmas Party, there couldn’t have been a better way to strengthen team bonds and celebrate the hard-earned wins of 2016 than with our epic trip away.  We got to discuss our many, many learnings from 2016, including that our core mission for 2017 is to make less new stuff and continue focusing on making the existing product better and better.

2016 has been an amazing journey and we want to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing customers and partners for your ongoing support and business.  We could not be more committed to our mission and we’re excited about being better in all aspects in 2017.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all!

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